MeEat sauces SIAL innovation competition finalists


MeEat was nominated as one of the finalists of SIAL 2022 innovation competition. We entered the competition with our range of stomach friendly ready meal sauces made from fermented fava beans. The sauce range has seven delicious products that are inspired by the flavors of the world. 

Over 1800 products were entered to the SIAL 2022 innovation competition, so we are super excited and honored to be one of the finalists! 

MeEat ready made meal sauces are made from fermented fava beans. The sauces  are ready just by heating up. Serve the sauce of your choice with rice, noodles or pasta. The sauces are also a great base if you want to tune them a little. You can add coconut milk, vegetables or herbs to flavor the sauces. Not that they lack any flavor but sometimes it’s nice to experiment. 

Get to know the innovation competition finalists: 


MeEat Tikka Masala

MeEat Tikka Masala with fermented fava beans has a great taste and is perfect when you are in a hurry and need to have dinner on the table in 15 minutes. MeEat Tikka Masala sauce was one of the winners at the 2021 Anuga innovation competition. 

MeEat Korma

Meeat Korma with fermented fava beans has a great taste and is perfect for your very special 

MeEat Green Curry

The flavorsome MeEat Green Curry sauce gets its inspiration from the classic Thai sauce with kaffir lime, turmeric, coriander, jalapeno, cumin, ginger and chili – a whole bunch of lovely spices! Serve the delicious sauce with jasmine rice and green beans.

MeEat Red Curry

MeEat Red Curry sauce is a spicy vegan sauce. Red Curry originates from the middle of Thailand and the locals call it “the spicy curry”. The delicious sauce gets its taste from chili (of course), garlic, paprika, ginger and other tasty spices that warm up your body and soul. 

MeEat Ginger Sesame taste

Sesame and ginger are classic Southeast Asian flavors that you can now enjoy in an easy and tasty way at home. Soak noodles or jasmine rice in MeEat Ginger & Sesame taste sauce and garnish with coriander and chili. 

MeEat Bolognese

With MeEat Bolognese you can cut corners when making a bolognese dinner. The ready to eat sauce need only be warmed up and served with spaghetti. 

MeEat Chili sin Carne 

MeEat Chili sin Carne with fermented fava beans is perfect to serve with rice. The spicy sauce gives you the opportunity to enjoy the classic dish without meat.