Fighting futures nutritional challenges with MUU


Nordic nutrition recommendations and MeEat Food Tech address future nutrition challenges with consideration for environmental aspects.

The Nordic nutrition recommendations provide the scientific foundation for national nutrient intake and dietary guidelines in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The latest edition of the recommendations was published last week. NNR 2023 is the result of five years of work involving 400 researchers and experts in the field.

In the latest edition, the recommendations take into account environmental and climate perspectives for the first time. The report now presents scientific recommendations on what kind of food is beneficial not only for health but also for the environment.

With MUU products, it’s easy to reduce meat consumption and prepare familiar recipes in a plant-based way. For example, macaroni casserole can be easily made with MUU Ground instead of minced meat.

We know that the climate impact of beef dishes, for instance, is over four times higher compared to vegetarian food. The carbon footprint of Finnish beef is approximately 15 kg CO2 per kilogram of meat, while Brazilian beef can reach up to 40 kg CO2 per kilogram. Another issue is that grains, soy, and rapeseed, which are suitable for human consumption, are being grown as animal feed. It is evident that our meat consumption needs to be at least halved from its current level to ensure the Earth’s carrying capacity for future generations.

The new recommendations advice to eat less read meat, processed meat, poultry, processed foods with lots of salt, sugat and fats and eat more fruit and vegetables, pulses, whole grain products and fish.

“The new recommendations are the only right direction for national nutrition, and we challenge everyone to adjust their eating habits according to the new guidelines. This will not only promote health and well-being but also contribute to the well-being of nature, so everyone wins!” says Mikko Karell, CEO of MeEat Food Tech.

Mikko Karell, MeEat Food Tech Oy

“We have no future without MUU!” says the CEO of MeEat Food Tech Mikko Karell.

MeEat Food Tech’s product portfolio includes over 50 plant-based products that make it easy and delicious to replace meat in meals. Traditional meat products, such as ground meat, meatballs, sausages, and cold cuts, can be effortlessly substituted with MUU products, which have the same familiar interfaces, preparation methods, and flavors. For example, MUU Mince can be used in any cooking just like ground meat, but it contains no saturated fat and has only a fraction of the carbon footprint compared to traditional minced meat.



MUU Mince and MUU Nugget are the best-selling products in MeEat Food Tech’s MUU product line. The protein in MUU Mince comes from peas, while MUU Nugget is made from fermented fava beans.