Meeat Manifesto


Humans have eaten meat for 2.6 million years. At first, out of necessity – to survive. Meat is like oil. It has kept people moving and the wheels of the world going round. But our meat consumption is changing the world, and that’s why we have to change. We can’t keep eating meat the way we’re used to. We have to create a more sustainable future for the planet, ourselves and the economy. It’s time for a change! Where the automotive industry is replacing petroleum products with electricity, our vision is that the food industry will switch from animal-based raw materials to plant-based ones, and agriculture will see a swap from livestock production to oat and legume farming.

Meeat exists to give people, the food industry and agriculture a chance to take the next step of evolution. We believe that by challenging today’s food production and its norms, we can make a big change.

Our plan is simple: we will introduce new products in supermarkets that can easily be used to substitute meat in everyday dishes and recipes you already know. We will help the meat industry to change track and switch to plant-based food production, all without sacrificing the flavor and feel of meat. We will also give farmers the opportunity to modernize their production and run a profitable and sustainable business. First in Finland, then in our neighboring countries – and finally the world. We will make all of this so irresistibly easy that any reason to decline our offer will feel like an excuse.

We are fearless and we know that we will be fighting giants for a long time to come. A change is needed in attitudes, consumer choices, the food industry as well as political decision-making. But we guarantee that we’re on the right track and on our way towards the new normal of tomorrow – the future of food.