MeEat Food Tech expands into the Horeca business

Consumers are increasingly interested in eating plant-based food instead of meat, and the reduction in meat consumption and preference for plant-based proteins in their diets are global mega-trends. MeEat Food Tech, known for its delicious plant-based MUU products, is expanding its operations into the Horeca sector and adding a delicious selection of plant-protein products to its range in larger 1 kilogram frozen packaging.
“We offer public institutions, as well as hotel, restaurant, and café operators, the opportunity to expand their offerings with our delicious plant-based products. A wide range of MUU products provides new plant-based food solutions for hotel breakfasts, café display products, and delicious plate dishes for restaurant menus and to-go options,” says MeEat Food Tech sales manager Mari Lilja.

The Horeca range of MUU products includes a variety of options for all types of cooking. Currently, the range includes plant-based nuggets, rolls, burger patties, sausages, and kebab slices. The main ingredients used in MUU products are gut-friendly fermented fava bean.

“Our frozen products have a shelf life of up to 365 days, which minimizes waste in restaurants. A large package can thaw the amount of product needed at one time, and the entire package does not have to be used at once. We see this as a major advantage in the market. We have done a lot of work in product development and production to bring a wide and attractive product range of Horeca products to the market,” says Lilja.

MeEat hired its own Horeca sales manager from the beginning of December to oversee the development and growth of the Horeca business. Soile Viiala has a long and diverse career in sales and business development. Soile has extensive experience from both the restaurant sector and the food industry.

Soile believes that plant-based food will establish a permanent place on people’s plates due to its healthiness and delicious taste. Soile cites the understandability and familiarity of MUU products as advantages. “In particular, the public sector has already made many good changes and has bravely started to add more plant-based options to their menus. With MUU products, we can offer new and delicious options to restaurant menus. Well-prepared and tasty plant-based food speaks for itself. It’s easy to change everyday eating habits when there are delicious options available that people love to eat.”