Food Trends 2023


We have focused our trend radar on next year and identified eight strong food trends for 2023. Consumers are increasingly cost-conscious and there is strong demand for affordable food solutions. In daily life, food is wanted on the table quickly and easily without forgetting responsibility.

Ready in Minutes

In a busy life, food is wanted quickly and easily on the table. Ready-to-eat meals and short ingredient lists are popular. Ready and delicious meal components speed up cooking, for example, MUU Balls can be quickly turned into a meal by pan-frying the patties, adding cream, and boiling potatoes as a side dish.

Affordable Everyday Food

The cost of food and the general rise in prices has made consumers think about how much money they can spend on food. Shopping carts are more easily selected with price awareness and choices are made from familiar products or switched to cheaper options. New products, MUU Budget Ball and MUU Budget Mince, respond to consumers’ increased price awareness.

Goodbye to Waste

The increase in food prices has brought a new appreciation for food. Consumers want packaging sizes that are appropriate for their household needs to minimize waste, and there is also strong demand for discounted products. Buying sale products is not embarrassing, rather, food waste is considered embarrassing and actively avoided.

Grandma’s Flavors

Familiar and safe flavors are attracting interest again. Macaroni casserole, meatballs, soups, casseroles, and sauces are sinking and attracting new interest. With MUU Mince, it’s easy and ecological to make familiar minced meat dishes.

Delicious Ready Meals

The preference for speed and ease in food preparation will also positively affect demand for ready meals. Delicious and easily consumable meals are increasingly in demand and quality is also expected from the products. Ready MUU meal sauces are made from stomach-friendly fermented beef broth and are full of flavor. It only takes a few minutes to heat up the sauce and the meal is ready to be enjoyed.

Popularity of Plant-Based Products

The vegetable boom has been raging for several years and the trend does not seem to be fading. MUU products respond to the global trend with a wide and delicious product portfolio. When the user interface of a plant-based product is the same as a meat product, the change is easy to make.

According to the Harvest Season

The popularity of seasonally harvested ingredients in cooking is affordable and ensures the tastiest ingredients.

Save Energy

Saving energy in a new way will of course also affect cooking. If the oven is heated, multiple dishes and baking are done at the same time. The energy-efficient Airfryer has also gained strong popularity. With the Airfryer, you can quickly heat up MUU Balls and MUU Nuggets.