Everything you ever wanted to know about Meeat you can read here.

What are Meeat products made of?

Most of the products are made of delicious peas but we also use soy and wheat as a base in our products. You can check the ingredients for all of our products from the Products site. 

Why are you creating plant based products that look and taste like meat?

Many people like the taste of meat but don’t want to eat it for other reasons, like the climate or ethical reasons. We want to make it possible to enjoy meats taste without actually eating meat. By giving people this alternative it’s super easy to eat plant-based products without giving up the delicious taste of meat. Does that make sense?

Are Meeat products healthy?

People are consuming 40 % more saturated fat than recommended. One meat burger contains the same amount of saturated fat as four Meeat burgers. So yes, Meeat products are healthier that meat. They are not only better for you but also better for the planet.