MUU Roast Biif pita

4 pitas

Tastiest pita bread in town is here! Fill the pitas with the juicy MUU Roast Biif and drizzle with MUU Aioli for some extra taste.

Shopping list

Pickled Vegetables
½ red bell pepper
½ yellow bell pepper
1 red onion
½ dl apple cider vinegar
1 dl sugar
2 dl water

Horseradish Aioli
2 dl MUU Aioli
2 tsp horseradish paste

400 g Muu Roast Beef
4 pita bread
½ dl baby spinach leaves


1.Julienne the bell peppers and red onion. Mix apple cider vinegar, sugar, and warm water together, and continue stirring until the sugar dissolves. Add the vegetable strips and let them marinate for at least an hour.

2. Mix horseradish paste into MUUAioli.

3. Heat Muu Roast Beef slices in an oiled pan until they take on some color. Warm the pita bread according to the package instructions. Open the pitas, spread with horseradish aioli, fill with Roast Beef and pickled vegetables. Finish with baby spinach.