MUU Roast Biif


MUU Roast Biif is a wheat-based and vegan roasted cold cut for tasty sandwiches and subs. The delicious product goes well for all cooking and snacking.

Lactose Free
No Dairy
No Egg
No Meat


Water, wheat protein, rapeseed oil, lentil flour, durum wheat groats, sunflower seed, texturised pea, vinegar, beetroot powder, flavouring, natural flavouring, garlic, smoked paprika, salt.


per 100g

Energy 269 kcal / 1121 kJ
Fat 16,2 G
of which saturated fat 1 G
Carbohydrates 4,5 G
of which sugars 1 G
Fiber 0,6 G
Proteins 26 G
Salt 1 G

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