Iida Loivamaa appointed as Research Manager


We are excited to announce the addition of a new Research Manager to team Meeat! 

A year ago we were a team of six and now there are 14 of us which is pretty exciting. Making big changes in the food industry takes skillful people and we sure have the best of them here. 

Our new team member Iida Loivamaa brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our research and development division. Iida is currently working on her PhD in Comparative and Functional Genomics of Propionibacterium freudenreichii and Application in New Foods. If the topic feels like just a bunch of difficult words, we can translate that it means that Iida is unbelievably smart and is making big things happen. 

With a background in academia, Iida brings a fresh perspective to our company and we are confident that Iidas insights will greatly contribute to our success. Iida is very passionate about making a big change in the world and developing sustainable food for the future. 

Welcome Iida!