MeEat Provence 210g

MeEat artisan sausages have a hand made quality and exquisite taste! The Provence sausage gets its taste from the South of France. Garlic, thyme, onion, rosé pepper, rosemary, parsley and mint take you straight to Provence. MeEat artisan sausages have a skin made of seaweed!

Lactose Free
No Dairy
No Egg
No Gluten
No Meat
No Soy


Water, fermented fava bean (origin Finland), rapeseed oil, potato starch, pea protein, coconut fat, corn starch, stabilizers (methyl cellulose, cellulose), spices (garlic, thyme, onion, rosé pepper, rosemary, parsley, mint, black pepper, spring onion), thickening agent (xanthan gum), salt, yeast extract, sea salt, white wine vinegar, sugar, flavourings (i.a. smoke), beetroot powder, acidity regulator (calcium lactate), dried onion, psyllium, dextrose, corn maltodextrin, caramel colour, preservative (potassium sorbate), ergocalciferol. Skin: sodium alginate, konjac, guar gum.


per 100g
  • Energy 234 kcal / 973 kJ
  • Fats 15,4 G
    • of witch saturated fats 5,9 G
  • Carbohydrates 12,8 G
    • of witch sugars 2,1 G
  • Fiber 4,9 G
  • Proteins 8,7 G
  • Salt 1,55 G

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