Meeat Mince

The Meeat Mince is perfect for your favourite tacos, Bolognese or any other dish you feel like doing! Just swap the meat to Meeat and you ar good to go! 

meeat mince


Water, soy protein (Europe) rapeseed oil, coconut butter, stabilizers (E461, E460) acidity regulators (E326, E261) apple extract, natural aroma, flavourings, salt, corn maltodextrin, beetroot powder, spice extract, preservative (potassium sorbate).


  • Energy 205 kcal / 856 kJ
  • Proteins 17,1 G
  • Carbohydrates 6,5 G
    • of which sugars 3 G
  • Fiber 3,7 G
  • Fat 11,5 G
    • of which saturated fat 3,9 G
  • Salt 1 G

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