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The world is changing and so are we. It's called evolution!

Here you will be able to read about our story and the journey we just have started.  We are working on some very interesting things that we hope we can share with you shortly.  In the meantime, you below can read about Mikko, the boss. And to the right you will find some other interesting stuff. Enjoy!

We've been in the meat industry for over 25 years so we know meat. We know how it should taste, feel and what condiments go with it. But we also know that we cannot continue to consume meat like we have been doing. We need to create a more sustainable future: for our planet, our bodies and our economy.


And the future is quite clear — it's plant-based. The purpose of Meeat is to develop delicious and sustainable products that everyone can enjoy! Because we believe that by challenging the current food systems and the norms regarding how and what people eat, we might make a huge difference. By creating products that have a lesser impact on our earth with a flavor beloved by many, we’ve made it possible to swap the meat for a future-friendly alternative. The result?


Amazing plant-based products that look and taste delicious! Oh, and they're also better for you and the environment.

Meeat burger

Mikko Karell CEO of Meeat - Helsinki

Read here the story about how our CEO Mikko became the boss of future-friendly food. 

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