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Do you like meat? Us too! But we also know that eating meat is not a sustainable way to go forward. We believe that by challenging the current food systems and the norms regarding what people eat, we might actually make a huge difference environmentally and economically. It’s time for rehab from our old ways. By creating products that have a lesser impact on our earth with a flavor beloved by many, we’ve made it possible to swap meat for a future-friendly alternative.

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We know meat. We also know what meat should taste like and how to cook it. Based on this knowledge we have been able to create tasty and meat-like plant-based products. Let’s face it, no one wants to eat bad food. The taste is always the most important thing for us. 


With less saturated fats plant-based food is a better choice for your health. MUU products are full of plan-based protein and good fats that keep you full of energy and ready for your adventures.


MUU is a better choice for the planet and the body. Just by swapping one meal a week to a plant-based option you can make a huge difference. Why not start right away?


Our factories comply with Global Standards for food safety, packaging, or storage and distribution.

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